Why Should I have a Google Play Developer Account?

When publishing your Android App to Google Play Store, you have the option to submit your App under your own Google Play Developer Account. Having your own Google Play Developer account provides additional benefits such as brand control and being able to charge for your App.

Below are a few of the benefits of creating your own Google Play Developer Account.

  1. Learn how to distribute your android apps via Google play tutorials
    As a Google Play Developer Account owner, you’ll have access to exclusive tutorials teaching you how to effectively distribute your android apps, directly from the experts at Google.

  2. Have your name on your apps and get discovered on Google play search
    Have your own name on your App’s Google Play Listing. Not only does this give you an increased sense of brand ownership - but it improves your visibility on the store and helps you get discovered.

  3. Charge for your App downloads
    If you want to charge for your App you can only do this by using your own Google developer account

  4. View reports, statistics and review
    As a Google Play Developer Account owner, you’ll be able to access detailed reports, statistics and reviews for your apps.

  5. Track App performance from your android device

  6. Review your App’s revenue data

  7. Access to Google Play’s support forum (24/7 support)

  8. Access to the Google Playbook for developers which enables you to stay up to date with features, best practices and strategies to grow your app