About Us


The About Us Tab will display all of your important business information with one tap on your App. The Tab includes:

  • Business Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Links
  • Business Description
  • Ability to Share the App and more

The About Tab can be edited by hovering over the 'About' section on the top right of your app within the Build menu.

About Edit.png


The About Tab can also be added and edited from your Tab Bar menu just like any other Tab. This Tab can only be added once.

If you choose to use the About Us Tab instead of the About button on the header bar, tick the "Don't show About button in App header bar" box in the Tab Editor.

Don't Show.png

Contact Information

Expand the Contact Information section to add your App/business name, business tagline, website, email address, phone number and business description.

Contact Info.png

Social Media

Here you can add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube profile URLs to provide users with direct links to your social networks.

You can also edit the App Share Message that appears when a user shares your App.



Add a banner image to the top of the About Us page. Choose an image from the Image Library or upload one from your desktop and use the Image Editor tool if the image doesn't fit exactly inside the mask.


Business Location

Allow users to get directions to your business from directly in your App by entering your business address. 

You will use this same editor for the Directions Tab.

Business Location.png

Opening Times

Fill in your Opening Times so users can find out when your business is open and closed. Any days left blank will display as closed.

Opening Times.png

Holiday Closing Times

If you're closed for any public holidays, enter them in here. Orders placed through the App will automatically be declined during the closing times. If you add a closing time with no end date or select 'Close Now' you must manually remove the closing time later!

Holiday Closing Times.png

Legal Information

Your "Business Disclaimer" will be displayed on the first launch of the App. Leave this blank to disable this feature. 

Legal Info.png

App Introduction Content

Create your own App Intro Screens for users to scroll through when launching your app to onboard customers or introduce them to the features of your app.

Create up to 6 content slides.

Upload pre-designed images or use the WYSIWYG editor to create content by adding images, GIFs, text and even videos.

App Intro Content.png