Customer Actions

The Customer section on the main navigation menu allows you to view which users have taken actions, how many actions users have taken and also allows you to communicate directly with your customers from one place.

App actions managed within this section include:

  • Messages received from app users in the message centre module
  • Form submissions
  • Transactions from the food ordering and product shopping modules.

View App Actions

The Actions column shows the number of actions against each app user.

To view a customer's app actions, simply click on the pencil icon to the right of the customer's name.

Scroll down the page to the “User’s App actions” section.

Respond to chats within the Message Centre

If your app contains the Message Centre module, you can manage, view and respond to messages from each app user. Customer Management also lets you respond to form submissions and transactions.

Learn more about the Message Centre Module here.

Form Submissions

When a customer completes and submits a form, you are able to view the form and send a message to your customers confirming you have received their submission. You will also receive a confirmation via email. You can even respond directly to users using the chat section on the right hand side.

Food Orders

If your app uses the Food Ordering feature, similar to the Form Submission feature, you can view your customers' orders and message them via a push notification for quick and easy communication.

You can view or delete app actions by clicking the relevant button located on the right of the section, next to the view button.