Scheduled Notifications

Create a scheduled or recurring message over a period of time by choosing the Scheduled Notification option.

Scheduled Notification.png

Send Once

Select the date and time you wish to send your message and click Next.

Scheduled Send Once.png

Send Recurring

If you would prefer a recurring notification, select the Start and End Dates, the time you want the message to send out, how often it repeats and on which day(s) of the week, and click Next.

Scheduled Send Recurring.png

Choose your Notification Audience

Select Send to Everyone to send the message to all of your App users, or select Filter Your Audience to target your message at specific users. 

Send to Everyone

Send to everyone.png

By choosing Send to Everyone you will be taken straight to the Compose Message section. Here you can compose your message in the box and see how it will looks on user's devices.

Filter Your Audience

Filter Your Audience.png

When you choose to filter your audience, you can either refine your audience by Tags or restrict the receiving users by area, or do both! 

To refine by Tags, simply drag & drop the Tags into the relevant boxes and click Next.

Tag Filtered.png

To restrict your notification by location, use the drawing tools to define an area(s) and click Next.

Location Filtered.png

Compose Message

After composing your message, you can also choose to attach an Image to your message, as well as adding a 'deep link' such as causing the notification to open to a specific tab inside the app, or a website.

Click Save once you're happy with your notification. It will then be scheduled at the time(s) you have chosen and send to the selected App users.

Scheduled Compose.png