Booking System


The Booking System Tabs allow you to create bookable events in your App and allows App users to view the events and their content, complete a booking form and choose to add to their own calendar and create reminders.

You can find the Booking feature under the "Monetisation" category in the Manage Tabs section.

When you add this feature, you are provided with 2 new tabs:

  1. Booking: Shows a calendar of upcoming events listed in your App
  2. Booked: When a user books an event in your App, the booking appears in the Booked Tab

Booking Tab

The Booking Tab shows a calendar of upcoming events listed in the App.

Name your Bookings page using the Tab Settings section. Use the button in the bottom left corner of the editor to switch to Edit Content. Here you can choose how you would like the calendar to show in the App and add your events.

The App's calendar view can be:

  • List - This will show as a list of events, starting with the current month

  • Calendar - Shows as a typical Calendar view, days that have a dot include events

  • List and Calendar - Shows as a calendar with a list below.

Creating Events

Hover over the Tab Menu and select Edit Content to create and manage all of your events.

To add an event, select "+ Add Event"

Enter the name and location of the event and an image if you wish.

If the event is free, leave the Price box blank, otherwise, enter a price.

State the maximum number of people that can attend the event. If it is a public event that anyone can attend without booking, leave this box blank.

Add the maximum number of people per booking. If it’s unlimited, leave it blank.

Set the start and end times and select whether it’s a one-time event or recurring.

Select the start and end date of this event.

If an event is recurring, choose how often it repeats and on which days of the week.

Use the Manage Content section at the bottom of each event editor to provide more information about each event, such as images, videos, a link to the website and so on.

Click Save to add the event to your calendar.

The Duplicate Events option allows you to import events from other Booking tabs.

Edit the Booking Form to collect information you require

Manage your Response Messages for Booking Success and Booking Failures.

You can come back at any stage and add more events.

‘Payment Settings’ allows you to add your PayPal API information [Learn More], if you wish to charge for people attend your events and would like to take payments online.