Message Centre


The Message Centre shows Push Notifications received with images, and active links complete with time and date stamps for a detailed message history, it also allows your users to communicate directly with the Admin of the app. 

Message Centre.png


In the Manage Tabs section, under the "User Interaction" category, you will find the Message Centre Tab.

This feature can only be added once.

Click "+ Add to App" to add this Tab to your App.


Message Centre Edit.png

Start by choosing the Message Centre Mode. You can choose from:

  • Users to admin - Allows your users to message you directly in the App
  • Admin to users only - Only the admin/s can message the users


To receive email notifications whenever an App user sends a message through the Message Centre, tick the associated box.

All notifications will be sent to the email address in your App's Global Settings.

Use the Tab Settings icon in the bottom left corner to manage the Tab title, Icon and Restrict Access.

Login Required

If you require a user to log in to use the Message Centre, tick the 'Login Required' option and select whether you require them to complete a Registration Form.

If you're using the Users to Admin setting, we strongly recommend setting a Login & Registration requirement on the Message Centre tab so you can identify your users when they message you.

Message Centre Login.png