Gallery Tabs showcase your photos, you can group photos by creating multiple galleries.

In the Manage Tabs section, under "Media" you will find the Gallery Tab. Click "+ Add to App" to create your first Gallery.

Managing Tab

There are two steps for managing and editing your Tab. When you hover over the Tab Menu, you are given two options, Edit Content and Tab Settings.

Edit Content - Allows you to add and edit the Tab's content.

Tab Settings - Allows you to manage the Tab Title and App Icon.

Tab Settings

Name your Gallery and choose an Icon if necessary. You can also change the background colour or image and manage Restrict Access. Click Continue to move onto Edit Content.


Edit Content

Choose how you want to display your images, either Tiles or Cards and if you want users to be able to rate your images.

Select “+Add Images” to bring up the Image Library

Image Library.png

Upload images from your desktop and select them to add them to your Gallery.

Gallery edit.png

To create another Gallery, go to “+Add Tabs”, add another Gallery Tab and repeat this process.