The Theme Images section allows you to upload your App Icon, Splash Screen, and Header bar image. 

Theme Images.png

Please note, that if you want to make changes to your App Icon and Splash Screen once your App is live on the App stores, you will have to resubmit your App.

App Icon

Your App Icon is what your App users will look for on their Smartphones when they want to use your App.

Is it also what will remind users of your App when they are just browsing through their phones

1. To upload your App Icon, click inside the box and upload it from your desktop.

Images App Icon.png

For best results, we recommend using an image that is 1024 x 1024 pixels. This way, it fits exactly in the App Icon area and will be of high quality. 

2. Use the Image Editor to move and resize the image to fit perfectly and then Save.

Images Icon Editor.png

Splash Screen

Your Splash Screen is the loading image of your app, used on Apple App Store Apps only, Google Play and PWA Apps use your logo centered on a white background.

The Splash screen also acts as the Default Home background, however, you can set your own home page background via Home > Tab settings, and we advise doing so. 

1. Upload your Splash Screen in the same way as the App Icon. Click inside the box, choose an image, or upload one from your desktop.

Images Splash Screen.png


2. To make sure your Splash Screen looks great, follow these simple steps

  • Choose a picture that is 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall. This is the ideal size for most phones and tablets.
  • Place your logo in the middle of the picture or plain background, ensuring the logo and any text are fully visible.
  • When you upload your Splash Screen, you'll notice a border that's 1080 x 1920 pixels and an extra Safe Zone border. This is because different devices have different screen sizes.
  • The Safe Zone shows you which parts of your picture will definitely be visible on all devices. It's important to keep important stuff like your logo, business name, and tagline inside this Safe Zone. Don't let them go outside of it.

Splash Screen Demo (1).png

Click Save once you're happy.

Header Bar Image

The Header image can be used to display your logo or leave it blank to show your App/Business Name.

Click on the Header Bar section and choose it from the Image Library or upload it from your desktop.