Grab Colour Schemes from Your Website

1. Brand your App to match your existing website. Click "Get Colour Schemes" and enter your website URL. This will create a selection of custom colour palettes for you to choose from.

Website Theme.png

2. Click on the colour scheme sets created to preview the colours in the App. You can change these colour schemes manually.


3. Manage the Basic colours in your App. Click inside each colour box on the right-hand toolbar and use the colour palette to choose the colour and shade.

If you know the HEX colour codes for each colour, enter them into the box instead.

Basic Theme.png

You can manage each element in your App, such as the Header Bar, Tab Bar, Tab Icons and Selected Tab Icons.


4. Manage the Advanced colours in your App. Switch the toggle to Advanced and edit each colour the same way.

Advanced theme.png

These colours include Row, List Icon, Button Background and Text colours.


5. You'll also be given the option to edit your Header Bar Transparency.
For a completely solid, opaque header, it should be 'Off'. However, if you would like it to be transparent, you can a select between 10% and 100% Transparency, with the higher the percentage meaning the more transparent.

Theme Header Transparency.png

6. To check how your colour scheme and transparency settings look, click save and then preview your app.

Look out for the Red Dot in each section for more help!