Once logged into the App Builder you will go directly to the Dashboard Tab.

Here you will manage your Apps, personal details, billing profile and invoices.

Find your Apps under “My Apps”. If you have a lot of Apps, you can filter by All Apps, Live Apps or Demo Apps or search for Apps by entering the App Code into the associated box.

Create New App

Create a new App by using one of the two buttons.

One in the top right hand corner, and one next to the left hand side information panel.

Hover over App

When you hover over an App, the following options will show up:

Edit App - Clicking on this, or simply clicking inside the App Icon with take you to the Build section.

Clone App - To create an exact copy of an existing App, click Clone App and enter the name of the new App. A cloned App will appear in your Dashboard.

Delete - Click this button if you want to completely delete an App from your account. This cannot be undone.

My Account

Under “My Account” you can manage the following:

Personal Details - Such as account details and location settings

Billing Profile - This is where you will set up your billing information, such as address and postcode, as well as your payment details

Invoices - You will be able to see all of the invoice associated with your account.

Under Dashboard is also the Logout button. Click this to logout from your account.