App Information

During the publish wizard you will need to provide some basic information about your app to help optimise your app the search engines as well as the App Store.


App Store Title

This is to help customers recognise your app and is usually the name of your business or product.

App Icon Name

This is the name that will be used when your app is downloaded onto a device and will show underneath the app icon on the home screen. Please note the app icon name is restricted to a maximum of 12 characters. If you have a long business name, you'll need to abbreviate it or find a way to be creative!


The app description will be seen when your app appears on search engines or on the App Store. It should be used to briefly tell potential customers about your business as well as to promote the benefits of downloading your app.

Main Category

If you have chosen to submit your app to an App Store, you are required to choose the category your app best fits into. 

Use 'Other Category' to select another category type to further refine your App Store listing.


Define your Keywords to with online discovery. These should be words to best describe your business, product and selling points. Your keywords should be separated by commas and are restricted to 100 characters.