Platform Overview

The Dashboard features a “hover intent” navigation menu, this means you can browse through the menu tabs without leaving your current page.

Use the Dashboard to select an App to edit, or view the Personal Details for your account.

The Build section allows you to manage your App's Colour Scheme and Theme Images such as your App Icon and Splash Screen, as well as the App content, Navigation style, and Global Settings.

Overview Build.png

The toolbar on the right allows you to edit elements of your App such as your Colour Scheme.

It also allows you to manage and select your Tabs. Simply drag and drop the ones you want into your App.

Edit Tabs by hovering over the Tab menu. Here you will see Edit Content, Tab Settings, Remove App. If the Tab is a Tier Tab, you will also see Manage Tab List.

Preview your App at any point in the build process using the inline preview button, or download the preview App.

Overview Preview.png