Loyalty Card

Loyalty Cards allow you to reward your App users who support your business by giving them stamps each time they purchase a particular product.

Instead of carrying multiple paper stamp cards in a wallet, it can now be done right from your smartphone App.

You can then offer rewards in exchange for fully stamped cards.

You will find the Loyalty Card Tab in the Manage Tabs section under the "Monetisation" category.

Creating Loyalty Cards

Click "+Add Loyalty Card".

For each Loyalty Card, add a name, image, description, disclaimer (if required), the number of stamps on the card, the daily limit for stamps, an expiration date (if you want to include one), a redeem passcode and manage any mid-point offers.

Mid-Point offers can be included in each stamp card. For example, add a mid-point offer half-way through the Loyalty Card to keep the customer interested.

Click Save once you are happy. You can always come back and edit this.

You can have multiple loyalty cards or just one, it’s completely up to you.

To delete any stamp cards, select the Red X at the side of each one and confirm.