Message History

The Messaging section on the left-hand sidebar is where you will find, create, and send Push Notifications, as well as access your messaging history.

Notification History.png

The History tab lets you see your Scheduled Notifications, Geo-Fence Notifications and Past Notifications.

Scheduled Notifications

These are your Push Notifications that are ongoing, or due to be sent out in the future. These can be Edited before they are sent, Copied, or Removed from the History tab.

Geo-Fence Notifications

These are your Push Notifications that you have set up to send to a user's smartphone when they arrive or leave a specific location. You are able to Copy, Edit and Remove these from the History tab.

Past Notifications

These are the Push Notifications that have already been delivered. You can see the date and time they were delivered. Click "Copy" to use this Push Notification again and simply follow the wizard!