Geo-Fenced Notifications

Create a message that will be sent to customers when they enter or leave a location by using Geo-Fenced Notifications.

Geofence Notification.png

Send the message to all of your users or target it to specific users.

Send to Everyone

Send to everyone.png

When you choose to send to everyone, you'll be directed to the map tool where you need to create your Geo-Fences. Use the drawing tools to define an area and restrict the audience of a push notification to your chosen location. 

Geofence Map.png

You can also select whether the message sends to a customer when they are arriving at or leaving a location, then click Next.

Compose Message

Use the space provided to compose your message.

After composing your message, you can also choose to attach an Image to your message, as well as adding a 'deep link' such as causing the notification to open to a specific tab inside the app, or a website.

Click Save when you are finished, and the notification will activate, and remain active until removed in the History page.

Geofence Compose.png

Filter Your Audience

Filter Your Audience.png

When you choose to filter your audience, the first step is optional, but you can drag and drop Tags into the relevant boxes to refine the audience of a notification, or just click Next. 

Tag Filtered.png


Create the location of your Geo-Fence(s) (as mentioned above) then Next again to compose your message, then Save! Your Push Notification will then send out whenever an App user arrives at or leaves your location.

To stop a Geo-Fenced push notification from sending out, go to the History tab on the left-hand sidebar and remove it.