App Structure

Tiers allow you to add structure to your App; grouping Tabs and allowing unlimited levels of Tiers improves the user-experience.

You will find the App Structure Tab under the "Basics" category in the Manage Tabs section.

Add this Tab by selecting "+ Add to App".

The Editor will now appear.

Choose an Icon and change the name of the Tier so users know what content is included in that Tier.

If you want to, you can add an introduction for the Tier section using the HTML editor by switching to Edit Content using the button in the bottom left corner.

You can also add a background image or choose a background colour for that Tier section.

Click "Save" once you are happy.

Adding Tabs to Tiers

Drag the Tier Tab to where you want it in your App and drop.

To add Tabs to that Tier, drag and indent them underneath.

To move a Tier with all of it’s content, click and hold the Tier Tab and drag and drop to where you want it.

If you click "Remove from App" on the Tier, all of the Tabs associated with that Tier, and the Tier itself, will be moved to the Inactive Tabs toolbar.

Add as many Tiers as you like to create even more structure in your App.

To edit the Tab, hover over the Tab Menu to view the editing options.

If you want to remove a Tier, but keep the Tabs, simply drag the Tabs above the Tier then hover over the Tier's Tab Menu and select Remove from App. This will move it to the Inactive Tabs toolbar.

To delete it completely, hover over the Tab Menu, select Delete and confirm.