App Store Account Settings


We’ve reduced your set up charges by allowing you to submit your app to our own Apple and Google Developer Accounts – saving you $99 annually for Apple and a one-time fee of $25 for Google.

However, if you want to charge for your App, be named as the developer, want to sell goods from your store or are offering medical advice, you are required to use your own App Store Developer accounts.

Setting up your iOS Developer Account

For iOS, you can leave this blank to use our Apple Developer Account. However, if you want to charge for your app or be a named developer you must create your own account at an annual cost of $99 payable to Apple. Check out this guide to Creating your Apple Developer Account see how.

Setting up your Google Play Developer Account

For Google Play Store submissions, leave this section blank to use our Developer Account or if you want to charge for your App downloads or be named as the developer, you must have your own Google Developer account, which incurs a one-off $25 signup fee. Follow our guide to Creating Your Google Developer Account.

Invite the App Builder to Your Google Play Developer Account

This guide explains how to invite the app builder account on Google Play.

How to Get Your JSON Key

To learn how to obtain your Google Play JSON key, follow this guide.