Create redeemable Coupons to give your App users discounts on your products and services.

You can find the Coupons Tab under the "Monetisation" category in the Manage Tabs section.

Creating Coupons

Select “+ Add Coupon” to create your first coupon.

Fill in the information as required, such as the name, image, type, descriptions, start and end dates and the redeem password, then click Save once you're happy.

Coupon Types include:

  • Fixed Value Discount - A fixed value amount off a specified product
  • Percent Discount - Get a percentage off the specified product
  • BOGOF - Buy one get one free, or buy "any number" get "any number" free
  • Custom - Create custom Coupons, this requires a coupon value

To delete any or Coupons, simply select the Red X at the side of each one and confirm.