App Store Connect - Trader Status


On the 20th March 2024 Apple sent all users with an Apple Developer Account the following Email

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 12.43.45.png


Step 1: Are you a trader?


Whilst we're not legal advisors, the simplest way to define whether you are a trader via your App under the Digital Services Act, is if you answer yes to either of the following questions you are most likely a trader, if the answer is no to both questions you are most likely not a trader.


- Do you / your company charge for the App on the AppStore and sell it to users within the European Union?

- Do you / your company charge take payments for Digital Products within your app and sell within the European Union?


Step 2: Confirm Your Trader Status with Apple 


Head to then select Apps 

You will see a banner, with a link stating Complete Compliance Requirements - Click the link, and continue to click the link each time it displays on the following pages

Once you've clicked through you'll come to this section where you can define if you are or are not a trader, complete this step and then the update is complete

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 12.52.41.png